Thanks your interest in my Real Women of Rochester project, something very near and dear to my heart. This page has links to the blog posts which tell the stories of our Real Women of Rochester. They are local women who have done boudoir shoots with me, and have a desire to share the story of their struggles and triumphs through womanhood in hopes of fostering a community in which we support and celebrate women.

"Being a boudoir photographer provides me with a unique insight into women's lives. I'm equal parts photographer, psychologist, big-sister-playing-dress-up, and a new found friend. There's something about taking off the daily armor of clothing that breaks down the walls we put up between ourselves and the outside world. What's left is beautiful, honest and most of all - real. Over the years, I've had candid conversations with the many women I've had the privilege of photographing. I let them do most of the talking..." ( hear more from Natalie about the project HERE...)



Want to get involved?

1. SHARE this page with your gal pals and help us spread the word about how awesome these local women are!

2. If you'd like to BE a Real Woman of Rochester, fill out the inquiry form on our Let's Get Started page. You can book either a boudoir or headshot session with us in order to be featured in the project. In the future we hope to have funding in order to sponsor women with remarkable stories to share that are financially unable to book a shoot.

3. If you have any ideas or feedback about how to make this project better, please send it our way - we'd greatly appreciate it!